Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Tips and Tools- Repair a Cement Statue

 My favorite garden statue is in need of a little repair. 
Some of the rebar is showing and a little rust is beginning to run.
I am moving it to the condo so it must be repaired.
To do this project you will need
1 can of rustoleum primer spray paint
1 box of stepping stone mix
1 pitcher of water
a pair of heavy duty gloves
1 plastic container 
a stir stick
small light cotton rags
a drop cloth
The first step to this project is to scrape and wipe off as much of the rust as possible.
 Then spray the rebar with rustoleum primer and let the paint dry.
Now it's time to play!
Put on your gloves.
Pore a small amount of your stepping stone mix into your mixing container.
Slowly pore in water. There is no measuring here it is all about texture. 
The mix needs to be the consistency of clay.
Once you have your cement mixed and it feels like the consistency of clay,
slowly start placing small pieces of cement onto the areas where the rebar is showing.
Start at the lowest point of the repair and work your way up and around until 
all of the rebar is covered.
If you find that your clay wants to slip, 
you can wrap a lightweight cotton cloth around the area.  
Let this dry for about 10 minutes then take the cloth off of the repair.
My repair was on a lamb so I needed more texture and movement.
 If you find you need more movement 
mix more cement and this time add a little more water making a slurry.
Place this mixture onto your first layer of cement and
 gently sculpt it into place.
There you have it, just like new.
A little drying, buttermilk and time 
and you will not even be able to tell there was a repair.


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  1. Hi Ginny, I love your post! I found a broken dog statue at the curbside today and couldn't just leave it! It is beautiful! It broke off at the base where the dog sits. It is completely seperate from the base, ugh! I am going to post it shortly on my blog and would love some advise if you can help :-) Thanks again for the great post. You did a fantastic job with this statue!